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Monday, May 16, 2011

Tread Carefully!

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Proverbs 4:26     Ponder the path of your feet, And let all your ways be established (NKJV).

In the past few weeks we've discussed guarding our heart, mouth, eyes, and this week, it's our feet, (so to speak.)  We're learning how to be thoughtful about the path of life we take, and consider the end from the beginning.  As a college student, this is an especially important lesson to master.

What does it mean to ponder the path of your feet?  It means to think about where you're going.  Have you ever taken a trip to a place you've never been?  If so, you probably took a map along with you.  You may have also brought written directions.  At the very least, someone told you where to go, or you plugged the destination into your GPS.  As you started off on that trip, you took care to follow those directions and not take an early exit, right?  If not, you could end up who-knows-where!  You wouldn't be able to do what you planned once you arrived, because you failed to pay attention during the transition.

That's exactly what's going on in college.  You're basically on a trip to the next phase of life, so consider well the direction you take.  Are you taking classes according to your degree plan, or are you just taking what interests you?  While taking classes for fun is perfectly fine, you'll be in college much longer than necessary if you don't stick to your degree plan.  Then there's all the extra-curricular stuff.  We talked about this recently, but think about what occupies your time, is it helping you develop skills necessary for your future career, or are you just wasting time?  Having fun is important, but don't let the quest for fun overtake why you are here.  (As fabulous as the restrooms are at Buc-ee's, I don't think anyone wants to halt their vacation there!) 

Then there's the way you act, speak, and relate to others.  Consider what you're doing and the reputation that those actions are building for you.  Weigh it against God's standards and ask yourself:  Am I proud of what I'm doing and who I'm becoming?  If so, keep moving in that direction.  If not, turn around!  The moment you find yourself disatisfied, you have the ability to change.  Don't just move blindly forward, hoping for something different.  Ask God's help, change your circumstances, friends, or location and go a different way. 

The next part of this verse says:  . . . let all your ways be established.  In other words, truly be who you present yourself to be, at all times.  If you are a Christian, then live like one!  If you believe in sexual purity until marriage, then behave like a modest, chaste, young woman.  Don't hang all over guys, spend time alone with them, and encourage them to lust after you.  If you are a truthful person, don't fall into the habit of telling lies.  Be who you are, and faithfully represent your Heavenly Father.  Everyone makes mistakes, so be willing to forgive yourself if you trip up, but don't stay on the path of sin if you find yourself there.  Instead, repent, ask forgiveness of others, if necessary, and get back on the path of a Godly reputation.  A woman of integrity either establishes or tears down her reputation with her every word and action.  Keep this in mind, and you will find yourself steadily making progress to the destination you desire.

Again, ladies, we don't need to be afraid of mistakes, but we do need to walk with purpose and with forethought.  Just like you can't take a trip to Disney World without much pre-planning (believe me, I know!), you can't take off down the road to your future without thinking ahead.  Give your future to the Lord, ask Him to guide your steps, and stay plugged into your Spiritual GPS as you travel.  God's Word will convict you if you're getting off track.  He'll help you examine your motives, and prevent you from doing any major "recalculating." 

Are you worried about the future?  Do you have dreams, but don't have a plan of action?  Drop us a line or leave a comment and our prayer partners will be happy to pray for you!

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