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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Little Valentine's Day Show and Tell

As you all know, yesterday was Valentine's Day.  My hubby and I have been pinching pennies lately for upcoming expenses, so we had decided to delay our Valentine's celebration until we could better afford it . . . or so I thought.

As we said goodbye at the door, he gave me a rather pathetic "Happy Valentine's Day" wish, got into the car, and set off for work.  A few hours later, he called me.  When I asked, he assured me that no gifts were necessary, but then he surprised us by coming home for lunch.

Behind his back were a dozen roses, six white and six purple, my favorite color!  As he rushed back out the door he said "Your gift to me can be steak, okay?"  (Which, considering I couldn't get out, sounded great to me.)  When he got off work and was headed to the store he called again.  "Get dressed up, get the kids dressed up, and break out the silver and china.  I'm cooking supper!"

My children and I rushed to get dressed, get the table set, and find some romantic classical music.  When Jason arrived home, grocery bags in hand, I helped him prepare the food while my children danced in the living room to the "fancy" music.  When all was ready, Jason gave each child their Valentine.  My son got a balloon, and my daughter, who had been begging for one of my roses, received a rose of her own! 

We took pictures of ourselves, and then Jason taught my son how to pull out a chair for a lady.  It was so sweet to watch my son learn to be a gentleman and my daughter learn how to graciously accept his chivalry!  We enjoyed my husband's amazing steaks, baked sweet potatoes, asparagus, sparkling cider, and chocolate pie for dessert.

Our candlelight dinner was such a wonderfully memorable event!  This amazing man managed to not only romance me on a budget, but to teach and love on both our children in a special way at the same time.  This Valentine's Day will go down in Anderson family history.

Why am I sharing?  I wanted to show you a picture of what Godly romance can look like.  The flowers were lovely, the dinner was wonderful, but what touched my heart most was the look on my children's faces as their Daddy validated them in such a meaningful way.  It was more than just a special evening, it was a celebration of just how rich in love we are, both as a couple and as a family.

Don't go looking for just anyone to satisfy your need for love, and don't try to find completeness in another human being, no matter who they are.  Find your sufficiency in Christ.  He has given you the ultimate Valentine.  From there, allow God to lead you, and if marriage is part of His design, then refuse to settle for anything less than His perfect partner for you.  Other people might date more often, maybe receive a few more flowers and chocolates, but the rewards of waiting will last long after the petals fade.

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