Glad you found us! This site has one objective: to help you win the spiritual battle for purity, in every sense of the word. Society encourages us to throw away our virtue; the message sent out by the media is: "everyone's doing it!" We are here to prove that statement wrong! Come in, read some encouraging testimonies, chat with others who strive to remain pure, and reaffirm your belief that purity, sexual and otherwise, is not only possible, but totally worth it!

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Are you looking for a series previously posted on Armed and Virtuous?  If so, look no further!  Here they are, in order of date, below.  Enjoy!

Fighting the Urge to Merge:  Embracing the Single Life
     Part 1
     Devotion 1
     Part 2
     Devotion 2
     Part 3
     Devotion 3
     Part 4

Real Stories From the Purity Battleground
     All testimonies are found on the Testimonies page. 

The College 411
     Part 1
     Devotion 1
     Lyndie's interview (part 1)
     Lyndie's interview (part 2)
     Part 2
     Devotion 2
     Elizabeth's interview (part 1)
     Elizabeth's interview (part 2)
     Part 3
     Devotion 3
     Mary Lin's Experience
     Part 4
     Devotion 4
     Rena's interview (part 1)
     Rena's interview (part 2)
     Part 5
     Shelby's Experience (part 1)
     Shelby's Experience (part 2)

Think on These Things
     Chronicles of Narnia: Dawntreader part 1
     Chronicles of Narnia: Dawntreader part 2
     2010 Christmas CD's
     Jesus is Born!
     Sharing the Armed and Virtuous Message
     CD-Martay: Game Over
     Book-Heaven Is For Real
     Pure in Heart Conference
     Make Jesus Your Valentine! part 1
     Make Jesus Your Valentine! part 2
     Movie: Emma (1996)
     Movie: The Grace Card
     DVD Series: What's in the Bible
     Grandma Eunice's Homecoming
     Cute/Modest Shorts from American Eagle Outfitters
     Why Men Want Modesty!
     Girl Talk!
     Good Friday
     Lime Ricki Swimwear
     Simply Modest Swimwear
     SlimPerfect Swimwear
     Girls4Sport Swimwear
     Pray for Callie!
     God's Food Ministry
     Lilla Rose Giveaway
     Worth the Wait Conference